Friday, 6 January 2012

Church of Thee PVC Episode 6

Bit of an unintentional international theme to our 6th Church of Thee PVC show for Garage Punk Pirate Radio with bands from Switzerland, Holland, France, Belgium, Australia, Canada, UK and the USA. A boss selection of tunes old and new to get the new year off to a rockin start. By the way, why are pirates called pirates? Because they aaaaarghhh! Does that work when it's written down? Get your mitts on the booty here.
 I've just changed the download link as it was taking you to the wrong download before, apologies all.

Cry - Malibus
Always and Ever - Midnatt Fyran
You Can't Polish A Turd - Sexton Ming
Holy Mountain - Le Pecheur
Slow Death - The Gallows
We'er Gone - Thee Headcoats
Crimpton Krompton Canary Bridge - Shirley Bates
All Night Long - The Frowning Clouds
Oscar Wilde - Jack of Heart
Speedway - The Heyburners
Sleep Talk - Shannon & the Clams
Sorry 'Bout That - Chris Allen & the Good-Timers
Purple Pill Party - Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E.
Blood On Your Hands - Mark Sultan
Problems - Epsilons
Bikini Gorge - Combomatix
Get Off Yer Knees - OBN IIIs
Pretty Boy - The Gaye Blades
Black Potatoes - The Rabble
I'm So Thankful - Reigning Sound
Waddlin' Around - BBQ.

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