Thursday 29 September 2011

Some ace new tunes worth checking out

Here are few new things that have made their way into thee PVC record box this week that you could do worse than lend an ear to.

The first two are both on Trouble In Mind Records, one of the best labels out there at the moment, every release is a winner.

Mikal Cronin - It Is Alright from his S/T LP.

Je M'en Vais - The LimiƱanas

For those of you who only know Matt Berry from The Mighty Boosh, IT Crowd and Snuff Box you may be surprised to know that he has a really good LP out on Acid Jazz called Witch Hazel. Saw him do a few songs from it on Tuesday night at Rough Trade and he was ace.

Couldn't find any of the actual songs from this one but have a look anyway. Got "Rhinestone River" by Limes on Goner Records at Rough Trade and it's a really grower. This gives you idea of what to expect.

Check back tomorrow for Transmission 26 where you'll hear some unexpected stuff including a drunken p-funk/jazz odyssey from Miggins. Red wine gets him every time!

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