Friday, 27 June 2014

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 140

Happy Friday people, you know we like to keep in eclectic in thee PVC shed but this week I think the mix is even more varied than usual.

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This week's selection:
Come Into My Mouth – Thee Headcoatees
Father Cannot Yell – Can
Love Me – The Phantom
One Track Mind – The Knickerbockers
Unlearn – Shannon & the Clams
Lions Ride Free – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Silent Command – Cabaret Voltaire
Hungry Face – Mogwai
St Senor the Hairy Grill – Yello
There She Walks – Monks
Wild Black Hair – Christmas Island
Slum Goddess – The Fugs
Sad Sad Trip – Morgan Delt
Salt on A Slug – The Growlers
New New Minglewood Blues – The Grateful Dead
Tiger Rag – Kid Ory
You Make Me Feel Cheap – Channel Three
Thunder – Lord Thunder
Jagger the Dagger – Eugene McDaniels
Everybody Got – Ivor Cutler
Hang On In There - The Stovell Sisters
My Momma and My Poppa – Darondo
Circuito Chiuso – Armando Sciascia
Here – Pavement
Ride – The Pastels
Surrender to the Rhythm – Brinsley Schwartz
Hang My Head In Shame – Pete Molinari
Bloco de Rua – Leo Gandelman

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