Friday, 10 August 2018

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 328

All change, all change (listen to after the last song, you'll get the gist!) Laggers is leaving Essex so thes is the last transmission as a Thames Estuary Trio. 

Getting together is now going to be much more difficult as a threesome but we have some plans, there may not be a new show every week and we'll drop in something from the archive from time to time. Laggers will try and visit thee shed once a month hopefully and we'll record three shows in one hit. Sometimes it might be Miggins and Coop, we may have the occasional guest and will be experimenting with some different formats too. All change!

Join us in wishing Laggers and his family big love in their new home. We'll miss you man x

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Thee songs:
Bingo Masters Breakout – Terry Edwards
Set It Off – Second Hand Audio
Night Owl – Bad Habits
Make It Right – Tim Buckley
Flash/Mexican Fenders #1 – Wreckless Eric
Vagabond Hits 40 – The Pheromoans
Pale Blue Eyes – Maureen Tucker
Lips – Micachu
Plastic Phrases – The Staches
Sunday – Iggy Pop
Io Sono Voi – Madfilth
Mino Di Mama – Quirino Do Canto
Crazy – The Clean
Derelict – Beck
Funky Boss – Beastie Boys
Caliventura – Afrosound
En Mi – Juan Wauters
The Feed-Back – The Group
11816 – Flat Worms
Die A Little – Subsonics
Ali Baba – The Champs
About Love – Melvin Davis
I Give You An Inch – The Mods
Forbidden City – John Buck & the Blazers
Feelin’ Good – Jesse Mae Hemphill
Lift – Anti Pop Consortium
Get Yer Body Next To Mine - Coachwhips

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