Thursday, 31 March 2016

Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission 223

That's unlucky, you've hit the flights! They've only won the caravan!! Bad hair and beige suits. Jim's jumping for joy. A handful of you will understand that, the rest of you are probably scratching your heads in confusion.

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Thee songs: 
Sannata Theme – Rajesh Roshan
Sun Belt – Uranium Club
Change (Dub) – Killing Joke
Southern Can Mama – Blind Willie McTell
African Dialects – Peter King
Emmioglu – Mustafa Ozkent
Waiting Around To Die – The Lemonheads
Like Wow – The Hoodoo Gurus
The Goin’ Gets Tough from the Getgo –Ween
Ain’t Got A Thing – The Revelators
Demons – Summer Twins
Everything Flows – Teenage Fanclub
Enough About Human Rights – Moondog
Dead Vets – The Gaslamp Killer
Depth Charge vs Silver Fox – Depth Charge
No Somos Malos – Dug Dug’s
I Can’t Stand It (Version 1) – The Velvet Underground
Breakfast of Failures – The Blind Shake
Get Out Of My Life, Woman – Q65
Out of Time – Ramones
Buzzbomb – Dead Kennedys
Just Let Go – The Seeds
Bad Heart – Royal Baths
Head On – The Jesus and Mary Chain
Shades of Blue – The Werps
Blue Dog – O’Hara’s Playboys
Piggy in the Middle – The Castillians


  1. Gotta love a bit of bully but depthcharge v silverfox ....great Peely memories cheers ....