Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Transmission 1

Rough and ready podcast number 1 features two hours of eclectic treats for your lug holes. Download here

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Troglodyte – Jimmy Castor Bunch
See The Light – Velvet Underground
Last Time Around – The Del-Vetts
Back Slop - Baby Earl & The Trini Dads
5-10-15-20 – Link Wray
Jaguar – The Dirtbombs
Mexico Wax Solvent – The Fall
Treat Me Like A Dog – King Khan & the BBQ Show
Fujiyama Mama – Wanda Jackson
Bird Doggin’ Gene Vincent
I Said It’s Alright – The Vinyl Stitches
Lipstick On Your Collar – The Saints
Brass Knuckles - Personal & the Pizzas
Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio – Joe Boot & the Fabulous Winds
I Sell Soul – Rocket from the Tombs
Archaeopteryx - The Fire Dept
Tally Ho – The Clean
Bull in the Heather – Sonic Youth
Psycho Killer – Cage the Elephant
Work - Scott 4
Standing On My Own Again – Graham Coxon
Back To Rosie – The Yum Yums
I Don’t Want Nobody, I Want You - The Boyfriends
All Kindsa Girls – The Real Kids
Someday Soon – Harlem
Caesar - Ty Segall
You Can’t Resist – The Headcoatees
Turn Tail and Run – The Young Knives
What a Waste – Ian Dury & the Blockheads
Monkey on My Back – Clinic
Reflections of a Gutter – Subsonics
Time Bomb High School – Reigning Sound
Needle in the Camel’s Eye – The Wolfmen
Golden Apples – Country Teasers
Calculator – Micachu & the Shapes
The Devil – The Beets
Patricia Twist - Perez Prado
Shortnin’ Bread – The Readymen
Take Your Clothes off When You Dance - Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention


  1. hey is that the PVC lumberjacks!

  2. you are lumberjacks and you are ok!!

  3. friends of vinyl are friends of mine!! Congrats on your blog guys, good luck, and have fun with it. I added you to my blogroll.Take Care

  4. Three comments:

    1: Chock full of good tunes.
    2: Your ID3 tags suck.
    3: 'Rough and ready' is right, learn to use microphones.

    1 is enough to keep me listening.
    2 is frustrating when trying to spread the word via lastfm for example.
    3 will [hopefully] improve in time... ;)


  5. r7, thanks for listening and for your comments.

    1. Glad you like the tunes, that is the reason for doing this. We love music.

    2. This will sound naive, but what are ID3 tags and how can we improve them?

    3. Rough and ready OK, we are striving to improve with the equipment we are using and hope to upgrade slightly soon. We are all new to podcasting and using mics, we aim to get better but to be honest are not interested in getting too professional sounding. It's about the music we play not us chatting.

    Hope you stick with us, and again thanks for listening. By the way, where did you find out about us?

  6. Keep playing at least one The Fall tune per edition and you've got me for ever :)

    ID3 tags are the bits of info [or metadata] that are part of an mp3 file that tell you the artist, name of tune, year, album etc. These are editable in whatever you produced the mp3 in from your original recording. At the moment Artist is Various and all the podcasts have the same title, so I would suggest the following:

    Artist: Polyvinyl Craftsmen
    Title: Polyvinyl Craftsmen Transmission #
    Year: 2011
    Album: Polyvinyl Craftsmen Podcast
    Track number: # [as in Title]
    don't change the genre ;)

    The major issue technically for me is the major difference in volume between the tunes and the speech. The miscues I can live with, I listened to John Peel for several decades ;)

    I will stick with, and FYI I encountered you via a comment on an Iron Leg post.


  7. One more:"I Blogbrother Be" is a genius title. If you can pull out The Shockheaded Peters' tune, I will mightily impressed.


  8. Thanks for the added input, we are recording tomorrow night and will improve the mic volumes and metadata too.

    Can't promise The Fall every show but they will be very, very regular visitors. The Shockheaded Peters is coming up very soon too, I couldn't not play it with a blogroll title like that!

    I too spent many late nights listening to Peelie both as child and adult, he informed much of my musical taste.

  9. r7 Shockheaded Peters in Transmission 10. Hope you are still with us!